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Is motherhood a class privilege in America?
An interview with historian Rickie Solinger

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Also of interest:

Beggars and Choosers:
Motherhood is Not a Class Privilege in America

The web site for the Beggars and Choosers traveling exhibition

MMO review of Rickie Solinger's Beggars and Choosers

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Do Poor Women Have a Right to Bear Children?
By Christopher Jencks, The American Prospect, December 1, 1995

Freedom of Choice:
Parsing the Word That Defined a Generation

Summer Wood, Bitch Magazine, March 2004

Barbara’s Story: A mother, her sons and a choice
State child welfare agency pressures woman to decide her future as a mother. An award-winning series for The Boston Globe by Patricia Wen, August 24, 2003

The Marriage Cure: Is wedlock really a way out of poverty?
By Katherine Boo, The New Yorker, August 18, 2003
The full text of this article is available from the New America Foundation

Let’s Talk About Mothers and Choices
An essay by by Shawna Goodrich, The Mothers Movement Online, September 2004

Crossing Over
“I marched against abortion rights and was adamantly pro-life... until I got pregnant.” By Robin Ringleka for AlterNet, September 2004

Children of Privilege
“Unlike many of my contemporaries, I did not end up butchered in a back alley or consigned to early single motherhood. Nor did I have to endure the pain and shame of a sequestered pregnancy only to turn over the child I had borne to a nameless, faceless future. My place in the upper-class pantheon remained secure because favors were done, slates were wiped clean.”
By Meredith Michaels for The Nation,
October 2004

Women’s eNews Series on Women and Welfare:
by Jennifer Friedlin, WeNews correspondent

Law Drops Moms in Deeper Poverty
Run Date: 08/06/04

Child Care Promises Fall Through
Run Date: 08/13/04

Child Support Cash Kept by States
Run Date: 08/22/04

Services for Abused Women Scarce
Run Date: 08/27/04

Block Grants Starve State Budgets
Run Date: 09/03/04

Belva Elliott, Mother of Five, Speaks
Run Date: 09/02/04

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