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Past Editions: 2006, 2005, 2004

December 2006

Public policy: Hands off my FMLA! Workplace: The New Workaholics - Study examines extreme jobs and the people who love them; New report recommends workplace solutions to ease parents' concerns about children's after school time; More notable news and commentary on women, work and family. Mothers & mothering: National survey tracks mothers' childbirth and post-partum experiences; Selected commentary on motherhood and mothering. Women's issues: News and commentary on gender bias and women in society. Making ends meet: New welfare regulations create barriers to mothers' success; news and commentary on income inequality and economic policy, American-style. Social issues: News and commentary on radical school reform, same-sex unions in NJ, race, and incarceration. Reproductive health & rights: Planning for Plan B, cool cloth dolls give birth and breastfeed!, the complicated ethics of screening embryos for genetic risk factors, more.

November 2006

Research & Reports: Adoption report stresses protection for birthparents' rights; U.S. comes up short in new gender gap index. Politics & Public Policy: Post-election euphoria, movement on the minimum wage, progress on same-sex unions in New Jersey, who's behind campaigns to kill affirmative action, more. Work & Family: Update on FRD fight in Pennsylvania, opt-out reporting, women's wages, extreme jobs, more. Mothering: Reproduction of the rich and famous, breeding God's army, more. Women's Issues: Why media matters, alpha girls, more. Reproductive Health & Rights: When assisted reproductive technology goes wrong, states say no to abstinence-only education funding, women missing in stem cell debate, more.

October 2006

Women & Work: New study criticizes media coverage of "opt out" trend -- WorkLife Law experts say workplace/workforce mismatch and gender bias push mothers out of the paid workforce; plus related news and commentary. Child care: National study: non-maternal child care has little impact on children's healthy development -- Researchers find family characteristics are more influential; plus related articles. Mothers & mothering: Notable news and commentary. Women & Girls: New survey finds U.S. girls face mounting pressures from gender stereotypes; Other news and commentary on women's representation in mainstream and progressive media, gender and violence, more. Social policy: Articles on the Next New Deal, child care, health care, marriage promotion spending, regulating snack food and more. Time & Money: The summer of "staycation," income inequality, more. Reproductive Health & Rights: Selected articles on pregnant women's rights, genetic selection, anti-abortion movement, more.

September 2006

Recent research & reports: New study on "tag-team" parents; AFL-CIO survey highlights working women's concerns about health care costs, retirement security; Future of Children reports on "Opportunity in America." Work, wages & economic wellbeing: National Women's Law Center: Women losing ground in worker-unfriendly economy; UK Women's Commission launches plan to reduce barriers to women's advancement in the workplace; Economic Policy Institute releases 2006/2007 State of Working America report; More news and commentary on women in the workforce. Mothering & caregiving: Selected news and commentary. Social policy: News and commentary on "The Motherhood Manifesto," poverty & welfare reform, health care, falling through the safety net. Women: More on Linda Hirshman - plus: other news and commentary of note. Education: The high cost of college, homework debate, more. Reproductive health & rights: Men's reproductive rights, fetal homicide laws, after Plan B, the Fugitive Girl Act.

July/August 2006

Work-life reports: A tale of two clocks - new report stresses the need for paid leave and workplace flexibility, Report tracks increase in "family responsibility discrimination" lawsuits; Women's advancement in corporate leadership slows; The case for paid leave for family caregivers; New guides on workplace supports for parents of children with special needs. Recent research: Left behind by welfare reform; 2006 Kids Count Data Book now online - National trends in child well-being no longer showing steady improvement; New report calms hysteria about boys falling behind; Harvard study examines impact of partner violence on health of pregnant women and newborns. Money: Taxes are a woman's issue. Marriage& family: Life Without Children - Marriage proponents lament passing of the "century of the child;" Workplace: Selected news and commentary about women, work and the changing workforce; Motherhood beat: Breastfeeding buzz, NY moms let loose, "baby bump" insanity and other articles and commentary about motherhood and mothering. Men, sex & babies: The changing face of fatherhood, the difference between a womb and a wallet, men who hate sex and much, much more. Women: Backward drag, young feminists, thoughts on Linda Hirshman, more. Reproductive health & rights: New report on abstinence-only education funding; The ugly truth about crisis pregnancy centers; Other notable news and commentary on reproductive health & rights. My kind of politics: Race is always part of the story; the end of small politics; American greed.

June 2006

Dads galore: New CDC report on male fertility and fatherhood is chock-full of tasty info; UK work-life group reports on men, work, and family. Life in motherville: News & commentary on families, caregiving and caregivers' rights. Facts & figures: Women with young children more likely to volunteer; Fact sheets on work-life interaction, flexible work; New census fact sheet on Americans with disabilities. Sink or swim: Future for baby boomer mothers not so rosy; Dispatches from the indebted generation, Newsweek's marriage problem and other observations. Reproductive health & rights: CDC to U.S. women: Think pregnant!; Other notable news & commentary on reproductive health and rights. Elsewhere on the web: Other news & commentary of note.

May 2006

Research & reports: Of wealthy nations, United States is the worst place to be a mother; Parents' higher education, full-time employment has less effect on the economic security of African American, Latino children; National Partnership recognizes state leaders families can count on; New report calls for routine assessment of family caregivers' needs. Motherhood in the media: Mamas make their own media; what to do about the "Mommy Wars;" more on the ever-popular Caitlin Flanagan. Plus: other news and commentary of note. Women, work and wages: News round up: BLS finds women still underrepresented among highest earners; Online survey says at-home moms deserve six-figure salary; the trouble with "sequencing;" What bosses really think about flex-time policies; Highlights from Herman Miller Jugglezine. Reproductive health & rights: Rates of unplanned pregnancy, abortion increasing for low-income women; Other notable news and commentary on reproductive health & rights. Elsewhere on the web: Child care squeeze; childcare workers unite; feminism and race; other news and commentary of note.

April 2006

The mothers' movement: NOW launches mothers and caregivers economic rights agenda;New web site facilitates online activism by and for mothers. Media beat: Caryl Rivers on the "Opt-Out Revolution;" Other news and commentary on women and the media. New reports: Women's Law Center grades state progress on child and dependent care tax provisions; New report on women and political activism. Working & low-income families: Working families with children less likely to be homeowners now than they were in the 1970s -- New study details U.S. homeownership trends; Podcasts, fact sheets on caregiving crisis for low wage workers; Around The Kitchen Table on Families in Poverty; plus news and commentary on caregiving and low-wage work. Workplace: Notable news and commentary on working and workers. Earnings, debt and taxes: How the secondary earner tax affects mothers and other timely news and commentary. Men & women, boys & girls: Perfect girls and growing up to be boys. Reproductive health & rights; New public education campaign focused on reproductive health issues for young women of color; Other news and commentary on reproductive health and rights. Elsewhere on the web: Slate on why the health benefits of breast-feeding may not be what you think, and other items of interest from online news outlets.

March 2006

Research & reports: One Sick Child Away From Being Fired: New report finds workplace inflexibility hits working class families hardest; Report provides data on incarcerated mothers and their children; New study finds more working families need emergency food assistance. Media beat: Mommy Wars without end. Politics & public policy: Economists and public interest groups protest proposed elimination of survey on needy families; UN reports developed nations lag in women's representation in government; Commentaries on America's future, more. Reproductive health & rights: Men's group wants "Roe v. Wade" -- for men; More news on reproductive health & rights. Elsewhere on the web: Notable news and commentary on work, women, gender, and other topics of note.

February 2006

Research and reports: Are we having fun yet? News reports say parents are miserable. Resources: National Women’s Law Center 2006 Tax Credits Outreach Campaign. News & commentary of note from elsewhere on the web -- Love and work: Articles on pregnancy discrimination, dual earner couples, on ramps for at-home moms, men and marriage, more. Wages and earnings: Minimum wage campaigns in the states; the indebted generation; demystifying the power of money. Parenting: Nation of Wimps online; Childfree-by-choice v. breeders; children as consumers; trouble in teen rehab industry; TV may not be bad for kids after all. Motherhood in the media: Mommy wars, true or false? Rebecca Traister predicts media coverage of domesticity not abating anytime soon. Feminism: Farewell, Betty; "The Solitude of Self;" Gloria Steinem at 71. Gender buzz: Boys falling behind; women and the internet. Wiring the revolution: The future of online activism. Diversity: Corporations don't report diversity; talking about race. Domestic violence and women's health: Advances in identifying victims, new programs for batterers; health care coverage and cancer outcomes. Reproductive health & rights, sexuality: Articles on assisted reproductive technology, the anti-abortion paradox, access and contraception, the sorrow of infertility, sex after baby, sexual harassment on campus, fistula documentary.

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