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Past Editions: 2005

December 2005

Work-life reports: It's the labor market, stupid -debunking the "opt out" myth; New report on flexible working rights in Europe finds cost, inconvenience to employers is small; Two new reports on older workers; Notable news and commentary on work-life issues. Values vote: New poll finds women voters value affordable health care. Younger women: MADRE tribute to young women activists; Winter 2005 newsletter from the Younger Women's Task Force. Elsewhere on the web: Selected news and commentary on women, family, culture and reproductive health & rights.

November 2005

The mothers' revolution: Brain, Child Magazine does the mothers' movement. Women and work: Catalyst releases breakthrough study on gender stereotyping by business leaders; Selected news items and commentary on back-to-work moms, hitting the maternal wall, and women chucking high demand careers. Plus: related articles. Domestic Violence: CDC study documents high costs and impact of intimate partner violence -- average health care cost for women exceeds twice the average cost for men; New survey tracks effects, attitudes about intimate partner violence in the workplace. Fertility, adoption and reproductive health: CDC reports increase in non-marital childbearing, c-sections and infant mortality in the U.S.; American RadioWorks documentary on international adoption; More news and commentary on reproductive health and rights. Young feminists: Younger Women’s Task Force launches new website. Child care: New studies add fuel to day care debate. Pop culture: There's something about Maureen; small children on the rampage at a café near you (and you're to blame). Elsewhere on the web: Interviews with the author of a new book on children of incarcerated parents, plus notable news and commentary on income inequality, heath care insecurity, women in leadership, more.

October 2005

Changing families: New Census study maps U.S. trends in marriage, fertility and maternal poverty. Work-life research: Family-friendly employers -- they're really not that into you (or your family): A new report from the Families and Work Institute finds that supporting employees and their families is not the main reason why employers implement family-friendly policies. Parenting and health: New SIDS prevention guidelines call for "separate but proximate" sleep arrangements for infants. Women and leadership: Female commentators scarce on Sunday A.M. pundit fests; Other news and commentary on women and politics. Jobs, wages and the economy: Despite economic growth, percentage of U.S. workers with good jobs is unchanged since 1970s; More news and commentary about women, jobs and economic trends. Katrina's aftermath: Assessing the needs of Gulf Coast women. Elsewhere on the web: Notable news and commentary on "opting out," reproductive rights and other timely issues.

September 2005

Good stuff: mamazine.com - alive and kicking. Oh no, not again: Opt-out revolution redux - Once again, the New York Times stirs the pot of controversy over what women want. New reports: IWPR reports on wage gap, improving family child care; Other recent reports on work-life issues, child care and wages from the Center for Law and Social Policy, National Women's Law Center, and Economic Policy Institute; CEPR offers seminar series on "Economics You Can Use." Media spin: Advocacy group blasts media reporting on "meth babies." Paid work: New business enterprise caters to "back-to-work" mothers; Other news and commentary on employment and work-life issues. Elsewhere on the web - Other news and commentary of note on: reproductive health and rights; women; caregiving, child care and education; mothering & fathering; social issues & public policy.

July/August 2005

Civil society: Women and the politics of values -- two new reports suggest women's self-identification as caregivers may be key to understanding their political outlooks. Plus: related articles. Caregiving: UK study links fathers' depression to young children's behavioral outcomes; New study tracks incidence of depression in child-rearing grandmothers. Workforce: New America Foundation offers proposal for legislating workplace flexibility; Internet survey finds men, women equally likely to waste time at work; Working to live -- news and commentary on work/life issues. Wages and benefits: New America Foundation releases fact sheet on maternal wage gap and a special report on earnings and productivity growth in the U.S. Plus: more articles on productivity, wages, and benefits. Reproductive health and rights: New government web site on teen health and sexuality inaccurate, misleading; American Academy of Pediatrics states abstinence-only education is not enough; Other recent news and commentary on sexuality and reproductive health. Elsewhere on the web: News and commentary of note on feminism, parenting culture, and national trends.

June 2005

New reports: U.S. lags behind more family-friendly nations in gender equity -- World Economic Forum releases report on gender gap in 58 countries. Pop culture: When dads take the heat -- It's nice to know we're living in a day and age when fathers, too, are the targets of public scorn for their presumed shortcomings as parents. Wired women: New web zine for young feminists launched -- "The F-Word" is colorful, hip and feisty; Allison Crews, producer of Girl-Mom, has died. Elsewhere on the web: Notable news and commentary on reproductive rights from Women's eNews, Ms. Magazine, and more; Other news and commentary of note from Women's eNews, AlterNet, and other sources.

May 2005

Go figure: Taking the pulse of motherhood: MMO looks into The Motherhood Study and finds something missing; Also: other national Mother’s Day surveys have entertainment value, but shouldn’t be confused reliable research: ClubMom “State of Mom” Report Card: Marketing group survey fuels the "Mommy Wars;" DC moms: We’re doing just fine, thanks: Washington Post poll counters perception that area mothers are fraught with worry, stress; Mothers & More “Day After Mother’s Day” Time Use Survey. Work-life issues: Joan Williams on caregiver discrimination plus other work-life news of interest. Family policy: Expecting Better: New report from the National Partnership for Women & Families finds states are coming up short on paid parental leave; Proposed changes to WIC: Revised guidelines would provide more fresh fruits and vegetables, encourage breastfeeding. Child care & early childhood education: Early Childhood Education for All: A new report finds that investing in quality early care and education reaps positive returns; Kicked out of pre-school: Study finds pre-k students are more likely to be expelled than students in grades K-12; National study finds many pre-k teachers are underpaid, others lack teaching credentials. Elsewhere on the web: News and commentary on reproductive rights from AlterNet, Salon, TomPaine.com, Women’s eNews, more; Other news and commentary of note from MMO’s favorite alternative news sources.

April 2005

Making Progress: Illinois Child Care Workers Unite. Mother’s Day activism and events: M*A*M*A 2005 Mamas Rising Up! Festival; Mothers– The Real Story: It’s About Time: Mothers & More 2005 Mother’s Day Campaign urges mothers to share their real stories. Pop culture: The Waldman Files— Readers berate lifestyle columnist for conduct unbecoming to a mother. Work/life economics: CEPR report finds paid maternity leave boosts mothers’ wages; Other work/life news and commentary of note. Welfare: Rethinking welfare rules: the “marriage plus” strategy. Reproductive rights: New report on abortion funding and reproductive justice; Other news and commentary on reproductive freedom. Elsewhere on the web: News and commentary of note from Women’s eNews, AlterNet, Common Dreams, In These Times, and more.

March 2005

National Women’s History Month: Women Change America. Advancing Women: NCWO announces formation of Younger Women’s Task Force. Work/Life Studies: “Overwork in America” from the Families and Work Institute; Extended, paid maternity leave improves children’s health, cognitive development. The Safety Net: Motherhood: The Missing Piece of the Social Security Conversation; Children and Social Security; Medicaid benefits help low-income mothers stay on the job. Income and Economics: Demos e-journal on women and economic equality. Elsewhere on the web: News & commentary on reproductive rights; Other news & commentary of note from Womens eNews, AlterNet and more

February 2005

Pop Culture: Damned If You Do Department: Psychology Today suggests “intensive” parenting produces emotionally fragile children; Baby Hunger: Why is the American public obsessed with the breeding habits of the rich and famous? Red Hot Mamas: USA Today reports that today’s trendiest mothers are channeling their inner sex kitten; Caitlin Flanagan Watch: Journalist Hillary Frey blasts New Yorker staff writer Caitlin Flanagan in Ms. Magazine. Work/Life Studies: The Way We Work: A new report analyzes the effects of work-life conflict on children and families; Making The Case For Quality Part-Time Jobs: A new report from 9to5 finds part-time parity is a win-win proposition. Research and Reports: CDC Reports Low Birth Weight Babies Linked to Rise in Infant Mortality in 2002. Backlash: What Women Really Want: And why do David Brooks and Neil Gilbert think they know? Elsewhere on the web: Other news and commentary of note from Women’s eNews, Ms. Magazine, AlterNet and CommonDreams.

February 2005 Reproductive Right Supplement

To complement a special edition on motherhood and reproductive rights, the MMO published a special section with recent news, commentary and other relevant resources as a supplement to the February 2005 Noteworthy page.

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