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War of the wounds by Judith Stadtman Tucker

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Related reading and resources:

The Future of Children Journal: Children and Divorce
Spring/Summer 1994
Includes chapters on the history of divorce, child custody, financial well-being of children and families after divorce, high conflict divorce, the role of fathers after divorce, more.

Also from the Future of Children Journal:
Domestic Violence and Children, Winter 1999

From the Women's eNews Archive:

Involved Fathers Care for Kids, Not Picket Courts
By Rob Okun, Women's eNews, 31 Oct 01
"Involved fathering can be a force for good and respect for women's and children's rights. However, some fathers' rights groups fuel violence and alienation. The author urges non-hostile fathers to show their abusive brothers there's a better way".

Fatherhood Movement Has Range of Ideology, Agenda
"Sarah Stewart Taylor, Women's eNews, 15 Jun 01
Some preach imposing a Father Knows Best lifestyle on low-income mothers; others are bitter opponents of mothers winning custody battles. Some promote good parenting."

Fit Calif. Moms Losing Custody to Abusive Dads
By Pamela Burke, Women's eNews, 22 Oct 02
New statistics indicate California fathers with a history of child abuse, domestic violence or criminal behavior often have been granted visitation and sole custody of their children in contested cases

Women's Credibility Doubted in Many Family Courts
By Victoria Grahamm, Women's eNews, 28 Oct 01
In custody disputes, women alleging their spouses or partners are abusing the child can find themselves viewed as vindictive harridans trying to poison a child against a loving parent. Worse yet, they may lose custody and even visitation rights.

Custody Lawyer Says Solomon Had It All Wrong
By Stephanie B. Goldberg, Women's eNews, 19 Jun 01
Women fare poorly in court battles over custody, as do children, says a lawyer who now refuses to fight custody battles. She has now joined a small but growing minority of family law lawyers who seek to reduce conflict in custody disputes.

Biased Family Court System Hurts Mothers
Commentary by Garland Waller, Women's eNews, 5 Sept 01
Behind closed doors of the family court system, thousands of women each year lose child custody to violent men who beat and abuse mothers and children. The writer says family courts are not family-friendly and betray the best interests of the child.

Articles by Trish Wilson:

Solomon's Solution
By Trish Wilson, AlterNet, 21 Apr 05
Presumptive joint custody has become the norm in many states, as judges attempt to force cooperation in contentious divorces. But instead of bringing families closer together, mandated joint custody can tear them further apart.

Discredited Junk Science Justifies Custody for Fathers
By Trish Wilson, Off Our Backs, Jan/Feb 2004

More by Trish Wilson:

The Truth About Joint Custody

The Myth of Battered Men

Myths and Facts About Fatherlessness

Index to articles on Trish Wilson's web site

Incidence of domestic violence against women in the U.S.:

Extent, Nature and Consequences of Intimate Partner Violence
Findings From the National Violence Against Women Survey
U.S. Dept. of Justice, National Institute of Justice
Center for Disease Control, July 2000
62 pages in PDF

Intimate Partner Violence Prevention from @Health.com
A summary of government findings on intimate partner violence

10 Things Every Social Worker Needs to Know About Domestic Violence
By Mark Sandel, LMSW, The New Social Worker, Summer 2003, Vol. 10, No. 3
A good overview of the incidence and process of domestic violence.

On the MMO:

Fathers' Fight
What every mother should know about the fathers' rights movement

An investigation by Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser

In Commentary and Opinion:

Human Rights, Inhumanly Denied: A Battered Mother's Story
"The family court system, with its phalanx of abuser-identified court personnel, is the ultimate abuser in the life of already abused mothers and children."
By Sonata

MMO graphics based on the first American Time Use Survey:

Time spent on selected non-work activities by men and women in households with children under 18 by employment status (in .pdf)

Time spent on selected non-work activities by men and women in households with children under 6 by employment status (in .pdf)

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