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I confess: I have resisted jumping onto to the blogging bandwagon before now. I know, blogs are cool, blogs are great, blogs are the future of citizen-made media. Yet I'm also of the mind that for the most part, the blogging craze hasn't done much to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of do-it-yourself web publishing. And I'm not wild about the cult-of-personality thing that tends to attach to popular bloggers. Be that as it may, here I am.

Since the weekly number of news items and commentary relating to women, work, family, and public policy has burgeoned since I launched the Mothers Movement Online in 2003, a blog seemed like the best option for highlighting the latest media stories in a timely fashion. I'll also use this space to summarize new research and reports on social and economic trends concerning women and working families. And from time to time, I'll be posting my subversive opinions on random topics, including motherhood in contemporary culture, feminism, and national politics.

For the time being, the comments feature will be turned off. I'm all for promoting a constructive discussion about motherhood and society, but I've noticed that all too often, the commentary spaces on feminist and progressive opinion blogs are overrun with mean-spirited trolls and regular readers who engage in chatty cross-talk. Plus, given my love of reading and responding to reader comments, activating the comments section could be a real time suck. If anyone has something to say to me, you can write me at editor@mothersmovement.org

I am still trying to figure out the nuts and bolts of this blogging platform -- it took me an entire week to figure out to change the color of one line of type in the master style sheet, something I'm accustomed to doing with a few mouse clicks in the web publishing program I use to produce the main MMO web site. So I'll be adding and refining features as I become more adept with the program.

If this blog is your first introduction to the MMO, I invite you to visit the main site, which offers wide sampling of writing on the politics of motherhood, including original commentary, essays, interviews, book reviews, and links to resources for mothers and others who think about social change.

Judith Stadtman Tucker
Founder and Editor
The Mothers Movement Online

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